Produced, Composed, written, arranged, directed

by Ian BALZAN DORIZAS ℗ 2014 



The album is composed of 8 songs, each one representing from the beginning to the end the journey of a person.

There are references to Asia Minor at the time  it was still greek and to its people.

The record begins with "Minore Desperado", a song inspired by the "Smyneiko Minore" (1920's song from Smyrna) with a kind of western soundtrack as a background.

This prologue is the introduction to the story of this album, which then goes on with every song representing a part of a long exile. One could imagine the journey of Ulysses when he left Ithaca.

Nowadays it could be seen as the internal and external journey of a modern person. Either to comply with the rules of the new world and its ethics, or to the actual travel due to migration.

Acropolis Bye Bye fait référence au passé décrivant le passage du vieux monde au nouveau monde.

On retrouve de nombreuses références à l’Asie Mineure au temps où elle était encore Grecque.

Le disque commence par “Minore Desperado” qui est inspiré par le Smyreïko Minore, un amané de Smyrne, le fond sonore fait penser à la bande originale d’un western.

Ce prologue est une introduction à l’histoire de cet album, où chaque morceau représente une partie d’un long exil.

On pourrait imaginer Ulysse quittant Ithaque, qui serait aujourd’hui une métaphore d’un voyage à proprement dit, mais aussi un voyage intérieur d’une personne d’aujourd’hui, qui se retrouve transporté dans un nouveau monde avec son éthique comme résultat du temps et des mouvements migratoires.


Inspired from "Minore Manes" (1919), here the lead vocals are a sample of a muezzin calling to pray.


Re-composition of Hatzichristos/Fotidas "Ο καιξης", the lyrics are in french, you can also hear phrases in greek, and the original melody in the choir.


Comme un étranger, sur sa propre terre

Comme Ulysse naviguant sur une embarcation sommaire

Xenos ici, Xenos là bas, psakhni yia patrida,

tora tha sas po tin istoria tou odyssea!

Gël Gël Kaiksis, Sirène chantez !

Gël Gël Kaiksis, Rameurs  ramez !

Gël Gël Kaiksis, Sirines tragoudate!

Gël Gël Kaiksis, Kopilates sta koupia!

Trahi, trompé, désorienté,

En haillons retrouvé

Ce Roi, parti au combat

Qu'a t-il gagné, qu'a t-il perdu?

Tout! écoutez !

Güzel Khanum, la guerre, ses frères, son palais, son royaume

Güzel Khanum, Penelope tisse en l'attendant

Güzel Khanum, Ses prétendant font les princes charmants

Güzel Khanum, o ekdikitis o Telemakhos,

Son fils s'arme en prince vengeant !

Ithaque est dans ton coeur

Et si tu la trouve pauvre

Elle t'a donné le beau voyage

Dhen se yelase i Ithaki!

Last verse inspired from "Ithaca" by Cavafy

Like a stranger, in his own land

Like Odysseus sailing on a broken raft.

Stranger here, stranger there.

He's looking for a land

Let me tell you now the story of Odysseus

Gël Gël Kaiksis, Sirens sing!

Gël Gël Kaiksis, Rowers row!

Gël Gël Kaiksis, Sirines tragoudate!

Gël Gël Kaiksis, Kopilates sta koupia!

Betrayed, cheated, lost

A well known king went to war.

What did he win? what did he loose?

Everything! listen!

Güzel Khanum, His home, his throne, his brothers

Güzel Khanum, Penelope is sewing and waiting for his return

Güzel Khanum, The pretenders fake playing prince charming

Güzel Khanum, Telemaxos is ready to take his revenge

Ithaka's in your heart

It might have seem poor in your eyes

But she didn't cheat you!

Ithaca made you travel, she offered you this story of yours.

Ah que c'était salé, salé, salé

Ce petit baiser que tu m'as donné

Et qui à jamais

M'a ensorcelé.

Sala, Sala il s'appelait Sala

Je t'en avais parlé,

De ce bateau que j'avais

Qui devais m'emporter.

Quand ivre de moi tu baissais

Tes deux yeux chavirés

Tu les relevaient, une envie me venait

Je te les volerais.

Et oui salé, salé l'eau de la mer

Qui va nous séparer

Mon coeur, si tu me le demandais

Je te l'offrirais

Sala, Sala, mon coeur n'est plus là

Je descends aux enfers

Il ne me reste plus qu'un chose à faire

Me jeter à la mer.


Inspired from Minor Asia's melody "Sala-Sala". Here "Sala" is the name of the boat who will tear this couple appart and sink in the deap sea.


How salty, salty, how salty was

This lilltle kiss you gave to me

Forever and immediatly

It bewitched me.

Sala, Sala his name was Sala

I've told you about it

About this ship I had

Which would take me away.

When you were maudlin and turning down

Your two turn turtle eyes

You left them up, I wanted to say

I will take 'em away.

Oh so salty the water from the sea

We will not make it until the end.

My heart, If you asked for

I will offer it to you lady.

Sala, Sala my heart is gone

I'm getting down to hell

There is only one thing l can see

Throw myself into the sea.

Ah! foreign lands enjoy

my Tzivaeri (my treasure)

My fragrant flower,

softly, softly, softly and humbly.

Ah! you took my child,

my Tzivaeri

you made him your own

softly, softly, softly

I tread the earth.

Αχ! Η ξενιτιά το χαίρεται

Τζιβαέρι μου

Το μοσχολούλουδο μου

σιγανά και ταπεινά

Αχ! Πανάθεμά σε ξενιτιά

Τζιβαέρι μου

Εσέ και το καλό σου

σιγανά και ταπεινά

σιγανά πατώ στη γη


From traditionnal greek song "Tsivaeri", homeland is getting further now. In the afternoon we feel homesick on a warm and sunny shore.

Lyrics: Traditionnal

Ah ! L'exil respire son parfum

Mon "tzivaéri"

Ma fleur odorante

L'air de rien, modestement

Ah ! car tu as pris mon enfant

Mon "tzivaéri"

Tu te l'es approprié

Mes pieds n'osent plus fouler le sol.


Poème pour la mer Mediterranée


Mer Méditerranée

Je t'ai vu, je te reverrai

Je suis venu te quitter

Je te rêverai

Sur les mêmes terres

D'années en années,

J'ai marché sur ton reflet

À refaire à revers

Une sombre dance

À l'envers.

Mediterranean sea

I 've seen you, i will see you again

I have come to leave you

I will dream of you

On the same shores

years after years

I've stepped forward

on your image

Dancing a dark

Reverse dance.


Inspired from Asia Minor song "Νέοι χασικλήδες" or melody "Nikriz Zeybek". This new version talks about a guy reaching a new continent, accros the Atlantic. He tries to integrate a new multi cultural society in any way and to integrate new social codes, the tone is satiric, we hear a mix of languages, you may understand some words, some you may not!



Ematha pos, ise Mangkas                                                 

And you've got the, mangkas spirit

Pst eee re mangka, na sou po re!

Mangka !

Lipon, mangkas spirit

Zion high, take it or leave it

Tourné ke tourné, tourné ne

Pesto vre magka, vre magka mou to ne

Tourné, tourné, tourné la tête

look look look around see what you can get

what you get?

To khasisi, to poto ke tis yinekes

Adelfaki, kalyteri mastoura

Akou ti sou leyi o barbas ligo

You gotta a lot of class

But you gotta watch you ass

Sto spiti den pernas

'cause your smoking too much grass

Comme as !


Being an immigrant is a reality, time is both now and behind, time is long. You can hear samples of old "rebetes" in a present that is fading away.


In Athens and Piraeus

we used to hang around together


Where do you come from those years are gone

welcome in a new land John

Welcome in a new land

now those years are gone

New York, Boston, Sydney we came to immigrate dude

Welcome in a new land, now those years are gone

Stin Athina, Ston Pirea kaname parea vre

Kaname Parea, Athina Pirea

Where do you come from

those years are gone, welcome in a new land John

Welcome in a new land, now those years are gone.

Nea Yorki, Boston, Sydney Kseni pigame o vre

Welcome in a new land, now those years are gone


S'agapo yiati ise orea/ Je t'aime

S'agapo yiati ise orea/ Je t'aime

S'agapo yiati ise esy/ Je t'aime car tu es toi

Ki agapo

Agapo ki olo ton kosmo/ Et j'aime

Agapo ki olo ton kosmo/ Le monde entier

Yiati zis ki esy mazi/ Le monde entier car tu y es née

To para

To parathyro klismeno/ Ta fenêtre close

To parathyro klismeno/

To parathiro klisto/ Ta fenêtre fermée


Anikse to ena filo/ Ouvre

Anikse to ena filo/ Ouvre moi

Tin ikona sou na do/ Ouvre que je te voie


From Asia minor song "S'agapo yiati ise orea", love is all that remains as a hope, through time, through space.

Lyrics: Traditionnal

Pictures © Ian Balzan Dorizas